2016-2017 Annual Report Documents

E.1 Projects Reviewed for Permanent BMPs-v1

E.2 Implemented Permanent BMPs-v1

E.3 Permanent BMP Inspection and Cleaning Summary-v1

E.4 Permit Holders Guide to Understanding Storm Water-v1

E.5 Permanent BMP Inspections Training Sign-In Sheet-v1

F.1 Storm Drain Placarding Log-v1

F.2 Status Report on the Action Plan for Retrofitting Structural BMPs-v1

F.3 Visual Trash Assessment Results-v1

F.4 Street Sweeping – Service Contractor-v1

F.5 Street Sweeping – HWY-OM-v1

F.6 Storm Drain Inspection and Cleaning Summary – Service Contractor-v1

F.7 Daily Maintenance Reports-v1

F.8 Storm Drain Cleaning Summary – Construction Contractors-v1

F.9 Pipe and Culvert Inspection and Cleaning Summary-v1

F.10 Open Channel Inspection and Cleaning Summary-v1

F.11 HWY-OM and HWY-OT Storm Water BMP Training Sign-in Sheets-v1

F.12 Debris Control BMP Tailgate Training Sign-in Sheets-v1

F.13 Pesticide Application Log – Service Contractors

F.14 Chemical Application BMP Trainings Sign-in Sheets-v1

F.15 Erosion Control Improvements on Erosional Areas-v1

F.16 Erosion Control BMP Inspection and Cleaning Summary-v1

F.17 Punahou Pump Station Inspection Log-v1

G.1 Industrial and Commercial Facilities Inventory-v1

G.2 Prioritized Area Plan for IC Facility Inspections-v1

G.3 Industrial and Commercial Inspection Reports-v1

G.4 Industrial Facilities Reported to DOH-v1

H.1 SWPCP Inspection Deficiencies-v1

H.2 Example SWPCP Poster-v1

H.3 Spill Response Vehicle Packet-v1

I.1 Storm Water Management Program Costs-v1