Take the pledge to protect Hawaii's storm water

Take the storm water pledge!

Aloha! Thank you for taking the pledge to help keep Hawaii’s storm drains clean and clear!

Hawaii’s storm drain system serves a very important role in our ecosystem. It allows rainwater to flow down to the ocean without flooding streets and inhabited areas.

But it’s also a very sensitive system because the drains lead directly to the sea without any treatment – therefore, whatever goes down our storm drains ends up in our island’s waters.

Unfortunately, there are still some who believe the storm drain system is an appropriate dumping ground for chemicals, trash, and green waste.

That’s where you come in!
We need your help to spread the word about how important it is that only rainwater goes down our storm drains.

Please do your part by taking this pledge:

  • I promise to help keep the storm drains in my neighborhood clear by removing trash, branches, and other waste from around the drains.
  • I promise to properly dispose of things like used motor oil, grass cuttings, and plastics.
  • I promise to speak to my friends, family and neighbors to remind them of how we can collectively keep our storm water system safe for the environment.
  • I promise to take part in one event quarterly that is designed to protect our environment, such as a beach clean up.

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