Hurricane Season could impact the storm drain system

With July upon us, we are now firmly into the 2016 Pacific Hurricane Season. Although the region is entering a La Niña weather phase, which tends to suppress hurricane activity, the Central Pacific Hurricane Center says we could see an average to above average storm season, which would translate to four to seven named tropical […]

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Ocean debris accumulates around Hawaiian Islands

An aerial survey released in late May showed that thousands of pieces of man-made debris regularly pile up in waters and on shores across the state. The State of Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) released a statement saying that much of the debris was tossed into the Pacific, and made its way to […]

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Common storm water pollutants

Common Storm Water Pollutants

We hear all the time about the different pollutants that can flow into the storm drain system, and then to our ocean waters. But what are the most common storm water pollutants, and how do they adversely affect the environment? Here’s a quick reminder of all the damage pollutants can do… Basically storm water pollutants […]

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Common Storm Water Pollutants and Their Impacts

We know that allowing debris, chemicals, and other pollutants into our storm water system will have terrible repercussions for our water sources. But what is the real danger inherent in these storm water pollutants? The Ocean Conservancy provides this look:

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