It’s a tie! Congratulations to the Hauula and Wahiawa Crews for winning the Annual Maintenance Baseyard Storm Water Training Quiz Competition. The training and quiz event took place in July, with heavy competition between the 13 maintenance crews. This year’s competition proved to be more competitive than most as both crews scored the maximum possible 20 out of 20 points on the post-training quiz. This is the first win for the Hauula Crew after coming close in previous years and the second victory in three years for the Wahiawa Crew. As the winners of the competition, the Hauula and Wahiawa Crews will share the “Coveted and Highly Prestigious” commemorative plaque throughout the year along with champion luncheon celebrations!

Hauula Crew

Left to Right: James Takemoto (Supervisor), Billy Enos, Kenneth Byous. Not Pictured: Joe Tofa.
Wahiawa Crew

Left to Right: Bronson Caminos-Kekahuna, Justin Kaylor, Dean Hughes (Supervisor), Gary Takata, Phillip Murray, Eugene Galletes. Not Pictured: Leroy Rosario