Our storm drain system leads directly into the ocean, so any debris or waste that enters the storm drain is untreated. This can negatively affect the water quality and marine life. Join the State of Hawaii Department of Transportation, Highways Division, Oahu District’s (DOT-HWYS) Storm Water Management Program in working towards a #TrashFreeHawaii.

In addition to the Rainworks stencil installations that have be coming up across Oahu, we recently produced two new public service announcements (PSAs) to promote the importance of trash reduction and preventing storm water pollution. The “Time Matters” PSA communicates the urgency of holding on to your trash for just a few moments until you can dispose of it properly and shows how easy it is to not litter. The “Bittersweet Symphony” PSA shows that trash is not a beautiful thing and that we need to keep trash out of the ocean. To watch the PSA, click here.

The Trash Free Hawaii website is full of tips for trash reduction in both your home and business. You can also find resources for proper recycling, bulky item pick up, and hazardous waste materials.