Congratulations to the Electrical Crew, based out of the Keehi Baseyard, for winning our Annual Maintenance Baseyard Storm Water Training quiz competition! The training and quiz competition was held in July with 13 maintenance crews, and the Electrical Crew earned the highest average score of 19 out of 20 points on the post-training quiz. As the winners of the competition, the Electrical Crew will enjoy a luncheon and will be awarded the “Coveted and Highly Prestigious” commemorative plaque.

The Electrical Crew is pictured above. From left to right: Norman Tagami, Ron Maekawa, John Nakamura, Guy Yoshida, Vel Almogela, John Gerard and Stacy Balcita. The night shift crew (not pictured) includes Mike Isagawa, Derek Ito, Robert Lacuesta and Tony Paguyo.