A majority of the waste produced within residential homes consists of recyclable paper, aluminum, glass and plastic. Here are some tips on how you can reduce the amount of trash produced in your home.

Transform old cereal boxes into paper sorters or home organizer
With colorful paper and markers, your old Fruity Pebbles box can be a great tool to keep your home organized by sorting your mail, important papers and magazines.


Reuse plastic food containers as storage
Just because you finished the last of your margarine or whip cream doesn’t mean the container can’t be used for other purposes. Clean your used food containers and use them for storing leftovers and other household items.


Repurpose plastic bottles as pot planters
Do you have a bunch of empty plastic bottles left over from a family gathering you hosted? By cutting off the a piece of the bottle, you can add some green to your home by creating a planter.


Dispose of cooking oil and grease properly
Cooking oil and grease are not to be poured down the drain as this substance will congeal and may cause plumbing problems to your home. Reuse your cooking oil or pour it into a separate container with absorbent material (shredded newspapers or old rags) and dispose of it in the trash.


Get organized with paper towel or toilet paper rolls
Just finished a roll of toilet paper or paper towels? With some scissors and your imagination, you can transform the dull brown paper towel and toilet paper tubes into fun containers to help organize your pens, makeup brushes and whatever else you can fit in them!